Developer Notes

The majority of our development work has been focused on gameplay mechanics, balance, weapons, and abilities. Followed by massive amounts of work under the hood: including networking, lag compensation, anti-hack processes, and keeping things optimized. We've been keeping the future in mind and building our code to scale and rapidly prototype new ideas. Initial development of our Dedicated servers have been completed and are in use. Finally, we have been working to support multiple operating systems, including Mac and Linux as well as begun to add controller support, which is also proof of concept for future console support.

Some of the 3D environmental artwork is still in development. And we are actively working on additional maps and themes. Many of the VFX are currently in development. Some audio musical elements are still in draft stages.

We typically release updates on a weekly cadence. We are in an active sprint for the next few months.

Patch Notes are posted to our discord server here:

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